Winter 2010 Happenings at the Clay Studio

Membership Meeting February 2010 (1002K)
These photos were taken at the Winter 2010 Membership meeting, President Dona Nairn Presiding.
President Dona Nairn (161K)

The one with more people was of the Board near the stage and people at tables in the audience was the membership meeting.

Clay Studio Window Display (255K) Window Display of Marie Hartman (155K) Clay Studio Window Displays. The one with sculptures is the work of Marie Hartman.

Slab Roller Disposal

New Slab Roller (376K) The new slab roller for the clay studio has arrived. It has been installed and is in use.

At the February 19, 2010 membership meeting a drawing for the OLD Slab Roller was won by member Ron Foster.

Jack Ernest

Raku Workshop (95K) Ron Foster's Raku Workshop

Photos by Ron Nairn

3/17/2010 - jdo