2010 Exhibit at Canoa Hills

This is an Art Exhibit at Canoa Hills. It will run through March 2nd, 2010. We do two of these each year.

Full Display - Photos by Ron Narin(185K)
Cat - Vickie Joy (234K)
Cat by Vickie Joy
Chef - Dee Craig (186K)
Chef by Dee Craig
Dot Bowl - Amy Pilger (221K)
Dot Bowl by Amy Pilger
Elephant - Dick Lagasca (241K)
Elephant by Dick Lagasca
Fish Platter -Robin Wansley (562K)
Fish Platter -Robin Wansley
Horse Hair Vase - Dick Lagasca (578K)
Horse Hair Vase by Dick Lagasca
Lion Bowl - Judy Cowlishaw (501K)
Lion Bowl by Judy Cowlishaw
Mother Nature - Judy Cowlishaw (172K)
Mother Nature by Judy Cowlishaw
Santa Fe Maidan - Carol Randall (773K)
Santa Fe Maidan by Carol Randall
The Dowry - Judy Daniels (553K)
The Dowry by Judy Daniels
The Muse - Julie Larusson (640K)
The Muse by Julie Larusson
Tiles - Diane Ames (550K)
Tiles by Diane Ames

Photos by Ron Nairn

2/24/2010 - jdo